The only bird that flies…

If you ever get the chance to go to the Museum d’Orsay in Paris, France, I suggest you drink a bottle of wine next door first and sneak in through the gift shop. My wife and I did this on our honeymoon. We didn’t do it to steal the price of the tickets, we were leaving the next day and the two-hour long line had been halted because of a burst of rain.

Inside this lovely place there are too many magical sights to take in on one day’s visit. One painting that will capture your imagination is

Andre Devambez (1867-1944),

Le seul oiseau qui vole au-dessus des nuages,

The Only Bird that Flies Above the Clouds, 1910.

The canvas was covered with a mass of cumulus clouds, white like cotton, shadowed on their bottoms, full and radiant. In the dense clouds sat a pale shadow of a small plane. Above the shadow was a yellow aircraft, fragile and small, with a single pilot. Under him was an opening in the cloud bank, a window to a world thousands of feet below. A river snaked along between fields of green, brown, and yellow shapes. Wonderful stuff.

"The Only Bird that Flies Above the Clouds"


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